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Reality Check HFM is a youth-led movement that works to expose the lies, tricks and manipulation that the tobacco industry uses to get us to smoke. They think that you are dumb enough to become a replacement smoker for the 1200 people who will die today from a tobacco related illness.

Hi I am Jessie B. and tobacco and smoking has had a big impact on my life. One my parents dont smoke but my uncle and cousins do. I developed asthma real young which could have been caused by the people in my family that smokes and asthma makes it hard to do some sports. Smoking may have taken a family friend named Harold away. Harold smoked for a while and died this past year from a heart attack!! His wife Helen is still alive and smokes and has had a brain tumor which could have been caused because of smoking. My uncle named Mike was a pretty heavy smoker and decided to quit but ended up having severe kidney problems this past year. One of his kidneys stopped working and he was in the hospital for a while. He will be getting put on dialysis soon. If these three people did not smoke they could have had a better life. Harold might still be alive, Helen and Mike might of not had to go through so much. hang in there Mike and Helen!! Harold we all miss you!!

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