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Reality Check of Hamilton, Fulton & Montgomery Counties is a component of the New York State Department of Health Tobacco Control Program which allows teens to expose the tricks, lies and manipulations that the tobacco industry relentlessly uses to get teens to start smoking.

Started in 2001, Reality Check HFM has grown from a grassroots movement, to an organized movement of youth, facilitators and coordinators throughout the state of New York.

Focus of Reality Check HFM :

  • Work to get tobacco out of PG-13, PG, and G rated movies. You can’t buy tobacco at that age, so why should it be in the movies that target those ages?

  • Working to get tobacco ads out of retail stores.

Sarah and Justin are the coordinators for Hamilton, Fulton & Montgomery Counties and are available to schools, community groups, youth groups and municipalities to give presentations on how the tobacco industry targets youth.

Attention teens! You can join Reality Check! If you are 12 to 18, you can sign up online, call or sign up at any Reality Check HFM event at your school or in your community.

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